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Designing a Disruptive Business Model for Teacher Training

Client: Buck Institute for Education (BIE)


Worked with leaders of the Buck Institute for Education, a nationally recognized project-based learning (PBL) teaching training organization, to develop an innovative online teacher training experience, as well as an accompanying business model and implementation strategy. 

The goal: Extend reach of training from 60,000 teachers to 300,000 teachers by the year 2020. 

The outcome: BIE is in the process of building out the new experience for market testing. 


Strategic Planning for Scale

Client: Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS)


Conducted strategic development sessions with CAPS' leaders in order to identify the best strategy for scaling their innovative site-based student training curriculum.

The goal: Increase the number of CAPS sites nationally and create a collective vision for scaling within the organization. 

The outcome: CAPS exceeded expectations by increasing from 23 to 35 sites nationally within the first year after setting the new strategy, and they continue to grow. 


Creating a Holistic Well-Being Healthcare Model

Client: Children's Health System of Texas (CHST) 


Developed a new service model centered around meeting the needs of an underserved population in Dallas, TX. Work included conducting ethnographic research with families, running a participatory design workshop series with the community to generate design ideas, and developing a polished interaction model the healthcare system could use to guide implementation.

The goal: Design the service model (i.e. customer interaction) portion of a new strategic business model for the hospital system.

The outcome: The service design was married with the new strategic business model to provide a new offering for the healthcare system, improving patient outcomes and community interaction.


Process Improvement and Strategic Design Implementation

Client: Children's Health System of Texas (CHST)


Worked with management of CHST's Population Health department to develop an agile and design-thinking based change management training series, and lead teams through the methodology in order to enable implementation of the new model within the department. 

The goal: Enable implementation of the new healthcare model and reduce duplication across teams and departments. 

The outcome: The training assisted Population Health management in re-structuring the department in order to implement the new holistic healthcare model. 


Re-Imagining the Student Service Experience

Client: Utah State University


As a student researcher, studied how students interacted with student services on campus, developed ideas for improving the student service experience, prototyped a new online experience, and consulted with the VP of Student Services to implement our designs. 

The goal: To understand the systemic barriers to full student service utilization by students at Utah State University, and to design and prototype ideas for improving the student experience. 

The outcome: Using our research and designs, the VP of Student Services at USU orchestrated the creation of a new online student portal in order to improve service navigation.  


Designing a Social Media-Based Career Exploration Experience

Client: A National Testing Group


Created a social media-based service model designed to assist teens in early career exploration; led a follow-up study with more than 200 users nationwide to assess the model’s effectiveness.

The goal: To understand whether a social media-based career exploration tool was desirable and impactful for young adults, and financially viable for the national testing organization to implement. 

The outcome: Through the prototype, we learned that social media was not an advantageous avenue for targeting young adult career exploration, and the national testing organization chose an alternative route.